25 Inspirational Roosevelt Quotes On Success

25 Inspirational Roosevelt Quotes On Success

Rososvelt was a driving force in the 20th century and one of the five best presidents of the United States. Be inspired by Rososvelt Quotes on Success
25 Inspiring Confidence Quotes to Help Believe in Yourself

25 Powerful Confidence Quotes to Help You Believe in Yourself

Confidence attracts greatness, do you believe that? If you do not, here is what I believe is the reason, doubt. A creepy monster that crawls into your thoughts,...

Attitude Motivational Video – What Matters

Attitude is how you react or respond to what happens to you in life. Transcript (Attitude motivational video) Many at times, we go through life worrying about things that happened to us, our struggles, our pains,...
Teamwork Quotes

27 Elite Teamwork Quotes To Encourage Collaboration

Most people learned about teamwork from an early age in school when they were grouped and assigned tasks to do collectively.  Others learned as they progressed through life, at work or business. The joyful...
Traits for a person destined for greatness

7 Traits A Person Destined For Greatness Needs

Over the years, researchers have been looking into many different traits and habits that some of the most successful people have had. For sure, there are many books out there as well that talk...
Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement, Quotes, Jay Shetty quotes

Top 25 Most Inspiring Jay Shetty Quotes to Encourage You to Succeed

Jay Shetty quotes to encourage and motivate others to work for their dreams to come true. Jay Shetty had a very colorful and adventurous life which he chose to share his learnings...

Self-Confidence, What Is It Really About Anyways?

Self-confidence has become a widely used term among the qualities in describing successful people. Throughout history, it has been known that one of the major requirements necessary to succeed in life, live happy and...
Nelson Mandela Quotes

Top 25 Most Inspiring Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela was a well known South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, philanthropist. He was the first black President of South Africa elected in a fully representative democratic election from 1994 to 1999. He stepped...