Free Confidence Factor Journal
Build your unshakeable self-confidence daily, stop self-sabotage, break limiting beliefs, remove self-doubt and insecurities.
What's Inside

This printable Confidence Factor Journal packed with exercises aimed at helping you be your unshakeable confident self.


It can help you recognize the factors holding you back from being your confident self and serve as training tool.


It’s simple, it’s minimalistic and boosts your positivity, helps your stop self-sabotage, break limiting beliefs, and remove self doubt to become more confident.

What You Will Get
  • Stay positive in every situation of your life, and confident to achieve your goals.


  • Develop a positive outlook with simple techniques like affirmation practice.
  • Get creative & relax with positive visualization and journaling exercises.


  • Train your mind to spot self sabotaging thoughts and replace them with positivity.
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